Released in USA
Titles: You're Only Hurting Yourself / That Little Old Groovemaker -7" single

You're Only Hurting Yourself - (Jimmy Norman)
That Little Old Groovemaker - (Jimmy Norman)
Producer: Johnny Brantley
Release date: 1965 / early 19661
Label: Samar
Catalog number: S-112

Exists in 2 different versions, same label design with different text:
- Stock copy
- With text: "DJ COPY"

Side A

Side B

1 Jimmy Norman's "Can You Blame Me" on Samar S-116 entered the Billboard Top Selling R&B Singles -chart at number 48 in Billboard issue 2 April 1966. This means that other Samar singles by the Icemen (S-111) and Jimmy Norman (S-112) were very likely issued sometime before March 1966.