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For a full story of the Experience in Finland refer to Univibes issue #2 or the "Best of Univibes" book for an article by Markku Salo. What follows here is some additional information not to be found in that article and a correction about the tv recordings.

The concert at Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki on monday the 22nd of May 1967 was apparently taped by at least one member of the audience. The tape was afterwards stored in a cellar, and when it was dug up again after some 10 years of storage all that was left was hiss. At least that's how the story goes, but it seems that no-one apart from the taper himself has heard the recording. Even if it's true that the master has been destroyed copies of it might still exist, if copies were made. Maybe one day...

A silent 8mm film from the concert surfaced on YouTube in 2007:

Three advertisements taken from archive microfilms. Funnily enough all of the ads have the JHE spelled correctly, but the people behind the ads apparently couldn`t decide how the names of the finnish support groups should be spelled!

ad 19 may 1967
Advertisement published in
"Helsingin Sanomat" 19 may 1967

ad 20 may 1967
Advertisement published in
"Helsingin Sanomat" 20 may 1967

ad 22 may 1967
Advertisement published in
"Helsingin Sanomat" 22 may 1967

I searched the archives of Kulttuuritalo on the 2nd of february 2000 but without much results. A lot of the papers from the period had not surprisingly gone missing, but at least the log of concerts was still there. The entry for 22 may 1967: "22M Heinonen rautalankaorkesterien kans. 1200". "Rautalanka" is a finnish term for the style of music played by the Shadows and the like, meaning literally translated "iron string", which of course refers to the strings of a guitar. The full entry thus reads: "22M (Monday) Heinonen (the promoter) together with "iron string" groups 1200 (attandence)" No mention of Hendrix or the supporting groups. Kulttuuritalo had at the time seating for 1508 persons, so contrary to some reports the hall wasn't "half empty".

I wrote to "YLE", the national broadcast company of finland (and in 1967 the only broadcaster there was) in january 1994 and asked about the tv recordings that the Jimi Hendrix did during their visit. I got a reply from their archives saying that all the recordings had been wiped. The program that the recordings were made for has been usually quoted as "Nuorten tanssihetki", but according to YLE the recordings weren't broadcast in that show. Instead they were broadcast on the 9th of september 1967 at 20.25 in a show called "Popkontrasteja", which also featured Cat Stevens. The show was "designed" (probably nowadays it would be called producing) by Antti Einiö and directed by Heikki Kuivala.

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