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NEW FILM [27 dec 2013]
A new excellent quality b & w 8mm film from Hamburg 11 January 1969 first show has been posted on YouTube. Filmed by Nils Lache with sound synched from the (unfortunately poor quality) audience recording.

[24 aug 2013]
Ben Valkhoff throws away my previous ID of the guitar player who played with Jimi during the 7 April 1968 Generation Club jam filmed by D.A.Pennebaker...and I believe he is right.

So the guitar player isn't Roy Buchanan, it isn´t Dave Woods but it's Hugh McCracken instead. A real mess this one, Dave Woods ID'd himself from a picture of the jam, Hugh McCracken's son says it isn't his dad in the picture - but he does look exactly like McCracken. Read Ben's article.

[23 aug 2013]
A few years (probably 10) ago there was a listing on eBay offering for sale an Andy Warhol -film supposedly featuring Jimi Hendrix. As I recall the seller was German. Did anyone save the listing / info or does anyone know who the seller was? If you do then please let me know: webmaster@earlyhendrix.com

[23 aug 2013]
So far I'm aware of the following vinyl issues of the "Somewhere" -single:

7" single pressed in Germany (with "GEMA" credited on the label).

7" single sold in the UK, dealers claim this to be a limited edition of 1000, in any case it's a different pressing than the German one (with "BIEM GEMA" credited on the label).

7" single released in the US

[22 dec 2012]
Dagger Records released "Live In Cologne" 27 November 2012. This is a 2lp vinyl only (with mp3 download) release of the 13 January 1969 audience recording from Köln, Germany. The recording has been speed corrected by Andy Aleadort, mastered by Eddie Kramer and pressed by Quality Record Pressings.

A new 2LP compilation of studio recordings titled People, Hell And Angels will be released by Experience Hendrix / Legacy Recordings in the US 5 March 2012. No Euro release announced yet but it will be a surprise if this doesn't come out on Music On Vinyl.

But first there will be a single, "Somewhere". CDS and 7" versions will feature different B-sides. This hasn't been annouced by Experience Hendrix yet but a record shop website reports the release date as 1 February 2013 and gives the following track info:
- CDS B-side: "Foxey Lady (previously unreleased live version by the Band Of Gypsys)"
- 7" B-side: "Power Of Soul (previously unreleased studio recording by the Band Of Gypsys"

And Music On Vinyl has re-released the "Merry Christmas And Happy New Year" 10" disc, now on "Snowflake vinyl". 120 gram audiophile vinyl limited to 777 copies.

[22 dec 2012]
Oldest first...the Winterland 8lp box was released in Europe by Music On Vinyl (MOVLP409) in a numbered edition of 1000 copies (with the numbering again on a sticker but this time glued to the box itself) 12 September 2011.

The new "In The West" -compilation was released in Europe by Music On Vinyl (MOVLP408) 12 September 2011.

The "Johnny B. Goode / Purple Haze" 45 was also released in Europe, once again by Music On Vinyl (MOV7008). Limited to 1000 copies.

The Sundazed 7" single "Can you please crawl out your window? / Burning of the midnight lamp" (Sundazed S 239) was released on Records Store Day 21 April 2012.

Live At Berkeley was reissued in the US and Europe:
- US 2lp Experience Hendrix / Legacy Recordings released 10 July 2012.
- Euro 2lp Music On Vinyl (MOVLP538) released 2 July 2012. According to the MOV website "Mainly because it has remained in high demand, Music On Vinyl decided to re-release the album on 180 gram audiophile vinyl.".

Sundazed has also released a 2nd Hendrix 7", this time it's "Come On (part 1) / Calling All The Devil's Children" (Sundazed S 256). When the series was announced it promised "unique and hard-to-find vintage performances" which these definately are not. The A-side is the Electric Ladyland track, the b-side was released on the West Coast Seattle Boy -boxset. Released 28 August 2012 (other release dates have been reported as well).

[22 jan 2012]
Experience Hendrix and Sundazed have announced a new series of 7" singles, the first release will be "Can you please crawl out your window? / Burning of the midnight lamp". The A-side is the well known BBC recording, the B-side is the newly discovered 24 August 1967 Top Of The Pops performance that was included as a bonus track on the 2011 re-release of "BBC Sessions". No release date set yet.

[7 jan 2012]
There's a new label called www.realgonemusic.com and they are going to release the McGough & McGear cd in the USA on 21 Feb 2012, press release behind link below. Doesn't look like it would contain any new music.
Press release pdf

[5 sep 2011]
Out already (released 23 August) is a 7" of Johnny B. Goode / Purple Haze. This is a US only release (at least for the time being) and according to Authentic Hendrix "the first 5,000 copies individually crash numbered". The B-side will supposedly be exclusive to this release taken from Winterland 10 October 1968 shows. The A-side is the Berkeley 1970 live version issued here to promote the re-release of "In The West". According to Authentic Hendrix "Hendrix In The West has remained one of the most requested albums by fans to return to the commercial marketplace".

The fans will have to keep requesting as what is being released now is in reality NOT the original In The West album. Experience Hendrix and/or Legacy have replaced the original album versions of Little Wing & Voodoo Child (Slight Return) with different live versions recorded at Winterland in 1968 and San Diego 1969.

The original lp issue credited both tracks to San Diego 1969 when both tracks actually came from Royal Albert Hall 1969. No explanation (or even a mention, one has to read the dates in the tracklist to find out) has been given for the replacing of the original tracks for this "reissue" but one must assume this is connected to the ongoing court cases about the Royal Albert Hall 1969 film & audio.

This 2011 In The West will be released in the US on 13 September 2011 as a 2 lp vinyl set pressed by Quality Record Pressings. No news about an european pressing as of yet.

Advance PR announcced a 7" release for "Like A Rolling Stone" from Winterland 1968 but this seems to have been cancelled with only a US cds released 23 August.

The cd single release will be followed on 13th September by the 8 lp "Winterland" -set pressed by RTI. According to Authentic Hendrix "Each of the first 5,000 copies of the vinyl edition of Winterland will also be individually crash numbered". Again no news about an euro release.

RSD UPDATE [5 sep 2011]
An update about the RSD vinyl releases. There was very little advance information available and afterwards it has turned out there were (at least) 3 different vinyl versions of the Fire 45 released:

- US 7" on black vinyl with a very flimsy thin paper sleeve. On RSD in addition to the US this version was also available at least in Finland, perhaps also other european countries? And immedeately offered for sale via Authentic Hendrix so not really a RSD exclusive. The Authentic Hendrix website says this is a "limited edition" but mentions no figures, probably a rather large pressing as the single is still easily available.

- UK 7" on transparent red vinyl in a numbered sleeve (Experience Hendrix / Legacy 12723 88697 881517). Hown many of these were pressed?

- Dutch 7" on opaque orange vinyl (Music On Vinyl MOV 7005) inside a stickered plastic sleeve. Interestingly the Music On Vinyl website makes no mention of this release at all. I emailed MOV and they informed me that 1500 copies were pressed.

Also released on RSD was a 12" reissue of Doriella Du Fontaine on Celluloid. According to the RSD website 800 copies were made. The Celluloid website had something very interesting to say about the song:

"To celebrate and support Record Store Day 2011, we are releasing a limited repress of the classic "Doriella Du Fontaine". The project began in late 1969 with famed producer Alan Douglas recording the unmistakable Jimi Hendrix and legendary Buddy Miles in rolling and groove-laden musical backdrop. Fast forward 4 years and Lightnin' Rod (aka Jalaluddin Mansur Nuriddin) adds in his distinctive vocal soundtrack. Rod calls it "spoagraphics" (spoken pictures) but to most listeners hear it as the roots of an early form of rap. Rhythm, spoken-word and the art of the storyteller all wrapped up into one. The two meld together to create something new and unheard in 1973 and something still sounding fresh in 2011."

Alan Douglas always claimed that the vocals were recorded in 1969, would be very interesting to know which claims are true. I've asked Celluloid about this, we'll see if they reply.

[15 apr 2011]
Experience Hendrix / Legacy are again participating in Record Store Day. This years release will be a 7" with the remix of "Fire" taken from the Anthology-boxset on the A-side and the unreleased 20 December 1967 instrumental "Touch You" on the B-side. There will also be a cds released with both tracks and a third one, "Cat Talking To Me" (previously released as the B-side of the US "Valleys Of Neptune" 45).

Both releases are "limited edition" and will come out 16 April 2011 on Record Store Day but are also available via Authentic Hendrix (and probably later on via other channels as well).

12 April 2011 Legacy re-issued "South Saturn Delta" on cd and as a "limited, numbered, 180 gram audiophile grade 12" vinyl edition". Apparently there will only be a US pressing of the vinyl edition this time around, no sign yet of a Music On Vinyl -version?

A re-release of the "Live At The Fillmore East" -dvd came out 12 April as well, this will be identical to the original release apart from "an all-new stereo and 5.1 surround sound mix". Wether the whole dvd including the bonus feature has been remixed and if the original soundtrack is included as well is unclear to me.

And a note about the "Merry Christmas And Happy New Year" 10" as released by Music On Vinyl: this was announced as a "LTD numbered edition of 1.000 copies", in a way it is that but what the label did was to have a sticker on the shrinkwrap with the numbering on it so the actual disc itself is not numbered...

8MM FILMS [28 feb 2011]
Two new silent 8mm films have recently surfaced:

Gothenburg 1970
This popped up on YouTube, posted 3 February 2011 by "Eggrock" (who is the original filmer): www.youtube.com
Most of the film (but not all of it) was afterwards synced with the audience recording:

Woburn 1968
Film of Geno Washington & the Ram Jam band, the Jimi Hendrix Experience and Donovan was circulated on the 27th of February 2011 via various avenues as a DV video file and also posted as a lowres version on YouTube:

[25 nov 2010]
Again there have been (or will be) different US and Euro pressings released of the new Legacy titles. Here's what is out already and what will be released soon:

8LP set released 16 November 2010. The 4cd 1dvd -version was being sold during the Experience Hendrix tribute tour dates already before the official street date, perhaps the lp set as well? Authentic Hendrix makes no mention of it but www.elusivedisc.com reports the set was again pressed by RTI :

• Numbered, Limited Edition
• 8-LP 180 Gram Vinyl Box Set
• Mastered from the Original Master Tapes
• Cut by George Marino at Sterling Sound
• Pressed and plated at RTI

The European version of the 8lp box will be pressed by Music On Vinyl. Unlike the info from Authentic Hendrix who this time around are not saying anything of the kind the Music On Vinyl website reports:

"The second wave of Music on Vinyl's newly re-mastered, all-analog Jimi Hendrix releases culminates in the long awaited release of West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology".

The same "all analog" claim was made about "Valleys Of Neptune" when it clearly can't be an all analog release several tracks having been assembled digitally from multiple takes. The website news item (dated 8 November) reports the set is "coming soon", one shop that I asked about this said the date would be 29 November but this is of course unconfirmed as there is no official announcement.

Neither the US or the EURO boxsets will include the dvd that comes with the 4cd & 1cd sets.

The Authentic Hendrix website states about this re-issue:

"This release does not feature any audio remastering compared to its original 1999 release".

What makes this different from the previous issues on 7" is that this one is a 10" on green vinyl, released 22 November 2010. This release is again (like the Live At Clark University -LP was) connected with Record Store Day but not exclusive. No info available about who is pressing the discs.

The European version of the 10" will be pressed by Music On Vinyl. No info about the release date, their website says this will be:

  • Audiophile Vinyl
  • 10 inch Green Vinyl
  • LTD numbered edition of 1.000 copies

    - US VINYL
    These three titles will be straight re-issues on 180 gram vinyl with the exception of "BBC Sessions" which has an extra track added. Authentic Hendrix:

    "This newly minted 3LP collection features the previously unreleased, bonus track "Burning Of The Mightnight Lamp" recorded on August 24, 1967 during The Experience's appear on Top Of The Pops. [ Experience Hendrix/Legacy Recordings]

    (Apart from the new bonus track "The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp," this 3LP set mirrors the program featured on the original 1998 3LP release of the same title.)"

    "Live At Woodstock" and "BBC Sessions" were released 16 November 2010, ":blues" will for some reason be released 7 December 2010."Live At Woodstock" is stated to be identical to the 1999 issue, this would then mean it's a re-issue of the original MCA set and not of the Classic Records -release which apparently used a different master?

    Music On Vinyl continues it's misleading press announcements with:

    "Accompanying this Limited Edition Box Set, we're celebrating Jimi's musical journey with brand-new, remastered versions of:

    'Live at Woodstock' (MOVLP226 / 3LP)
    'Blues' (MOVLP227 / 2LP)
    'BBC Sessions' (MOVLP228 / 3LP)"

    These all of course are going to be straight reissues of the previous vinyl versions with no remastering. The Music On Vinyl -website doesn't have any info at all about these releases other than the above catalog numbers.

    [14 sep 2010]
    Experience Hendrix have released the tracklist of the upcoming boxset. The release date has once again been changed, this time to 16 November. Authentic Hendrix now also lists a cd single for pre-order, Love Or Confusion / 12 bar With Horns. The 2nd track will not be included on the boxset, the single is scheduled to be released ahead of the boxset on the 28th of September 2010.

    ROME 1968 [9 sep 2010]
    A newly discovered tape from Rome 25 May 1968 was circulated in August 2010, see "recordings" for details. A thorough review of the tape will be included in Jimpress issue 93.

    VINYL UPDATE [9 sep 2010]
    "West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology", an 8 lp boxset, will be released by Experience Hendrix / Legacy on 2 November 2010 (first announced to come out 19 October 2010). No tracklist details as of yet. Legacy will also re-release "BBC Sessions" (3LP), "Live At Woodstock" (2LP), ":blues" (2LP) and "Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year" (7") on vinyl.

    No details on US / EURO releases on any of these yet. All of the re-releases will feature the same mastering / musical content as the previous releases with the exception of "BBC Sessions" which will include a bonus track, "Burning Of The Mightnight Lamp" from Top Of The Pops 24 August 1967.

    [5 jul 2010]
    The music (the interviews were excluded) from the Dagger Records cd Live At Clark University was released as a US vinyl lp on "Record Store Day" 17 April 2010. Contrary to rumours on black, not colored, vinyl.

    For the UK "Record Store Day" a limited edition of 1000 was made of the Valleys Of Neptune / Cat Talking To Me 7" that was originally released in the US only. However, because of an error at the pressing plant all copies of the single actually play Bleeding Heart / Peace In Missisippi even though the cover & labels say otherwise.

    And, a US 7" of Bleeding Heart was released 15 June 2010, the flip side is "Jam 292" (taken from "Hear My Music"), this also has different cover art compared to the UK single.

    STUTTGART 1969
    [5 jul 2010]
    The new recording from Stuttgart 19 January 1969 (first show) was circulated in March 2010, see "recordings" for details. A thorough review of the tape (as well as the Hamburg 1969 tape) was included in Jimpress issue 92.

    [25 feb 2010]
    Here's a listing of out now / upcoming vinyl releases that I know about:

    - 7" single of "Valleys Of Neptune / Cat Talking To Me"
    Pressed by RTI in the USA. All analog.
    Limited edition released 9 February 2010 (even though the Authentic Hendrix website still has this under upcoming releases / pre-order).

    - 2 LP Valleys Of Neptune
    Pressed by RTI in the USA. All analog 180g vinyl.
    To be released 9 March 2010. The first 5000 copies will be numbered.

    - 7" single of "Bleeding Heart / Peace In Missisippi"
    Pressed by: unknown?
    Limited edition (Columbia 88697 671187) to be released 8 March 2010.

    - 2LP Valleys Of Neptune
    Pressed by Music On Vinyl in the Netherlands. 180g vinyl.
    No mention is made on the label site about this being a limited edition like the US version so I assume it will just remain in print. Music On Vinyl MOVLP075. To be released 8 March 2010. In reply to a question on the website about wether the MOV issues will be all analog like the US releases the site admin posted this reply:
    "We are pressing our records in the Netherlands, but we use the same masters as our Legacy colleagues in the US. Testings are triple-checked by all parties involved, to make sure the quality of our pressings will be the same."

    RE-ISSUE VINYL [25 feb 2010]
    Legacy / Experience Hendrix will be re-releasing a batch of Hendrix lps. There are going to be separate US and Euro releases, at the moment it is unknown if the lps will be remastered or if these will be straight reissues of the MCA pressings.

    Pressed by RTI in the USA. All analog 180g vinyl.
    The first 5000 copies of each lp will be numbered.

    - First Rays of the New Rising Sun 2LP
    - Are You Experienced 1LP
    - Electric Ladyland (MOVLP078) 2LP
    - Axis : Bold as Love (MOVLP079) 1LP

    Are You Experienced will have the original 1967 US tracklist and will be a single disc issue with no bonus tracks. Band Of Gypsys will not be included in the US reissues but it will be released in Europe.

    Pressed by Music On Vinyl in the Netherlands. 180g vinyl.
    News item here. MOV will use the same masters as the US releases.

    - First Rays of the New Rising Sun (MOVLP076) 2LP
    - Are You Experienced (MOVLP077) 2LP
    - Electric Ladyland (MOVLP078) 2LP
    - Axis : Bold as Love (MOVLP079) 1LP
    - Band of Gypsys (MOVLP080) 1LP

    Are You Experienced will have the original 1967 UK tracklist and will be a 2LP set with the following bonus tracks on disc 2:

    Hey Joe  3:30
    Stone Free  3:36
    Purple Haze  2:50

    51st Anniversary  3:16
    The Wind Cries Mary  3:21
    Highway Chile  3:32

    HAMBURG 1969
    [1 feb 2010]
    The German blogsite Jimi Hendrix In Deutschland reports that the sound quality of the new recording from Hamburg 1969 is very good and unveils a tracklist for the tape:

    Hamburg 11.01.69, 2nd Show

    Spanish Castle Magic
    Getting My Heart Back Together
    I Don't Live Today
    Red House
    Sunshine Of Your Love
    Driving South
    Foxy Lady
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

    STUTTGART 1969
    [27 jan 2010]
    The website In from the storm reports that in addition to the new Hamburg 1969 a tape from Stuttgart 19 January 1969 has also been found. A supposed tape from this date circulated for years before it was found to actually originate from Cologne 1969, apparently the new tape is a genuine Stuttgart 1969 recording.

    VALLEYS OF NEPTUNE [11 jan 2010]
    A Legacy Recordings press release circulated today annouces the 9 March 2010 release of Valleys Of Neptune, a new collection of studio recordings. Also annouced is the release of the track "Valleys Of Neptune" as a single on 2 February 2010.

    Amazon.com is already listing 3 different releases for pre-order:
    - cd
    - 2 lp
    - 7" single
    Amazon lists the release date of the single as 9 February 2010.

    HAMBURG 1969
    [7 jan 2010]
    The website In from the storm reports the following:
    "The latest discovery in the World of Hendrix concert recordings is a brand new tape from Hamburg 11.01.69, 2nd Show. The tape consists of 8 tracks, and the tracklist also includes the (so far) only known (recorded) live performance of "Drivin' South" from 1969. The recording is currently not in circulation."

    [8 dec 2009]
    More info about the Fame Bureau Hollywood Bowl 1967 footage. The film does not have sync sound from the concert, it's a circa 11min 30 sec documentary shot in 1970 after Jimi's death and includes interviews with people on the streets of New York City, shots outside the Fillmore East and Electric Lady Studios and film from the Hollywood Bowl. The concert part is roughly 3 minutes long and the soundtrack is a backstage interview with Jimi (unknown location but apparently previously uncirculated). Filmed in 16mm b&w.

    HOLLYWOOD BOWL [2 dec 2009]
    The auction house the Fame Bureau announces on it's website the discovery of "UNSEEN HENDRIX FOOTAGE FROM 1967 HOLLYWOOD BOWL WITH SOUND". Unfortunately that's all the details given apart from 4 black & white stills from the film, no details on the length or quality of the film & audio or who filmed it. It's also not clear when the film will be auctioned (if it indeed will be auctioned).

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience played at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday 18 August 1967 as a support act for the Mamas and the Papas & Scott McKenzie.

    CBC has the complete (or at least near complete as far as currently known, who knows how much film there originally was) "Through The Eyes Of Tomorrow" interview with the JHE available online:

    Filmed: Tuesday 7 January 1969, 25 Brook Street, London, UK
    Film, B & W, with sound
    First broadcast: "Through The Eyes Of Tomorrow", CBC, 23 February 1969

    CLASSIC ARTISTS [16 may 2008]
    A new dvd documentary is in production:
    The Cream documentary that the same company produced was very good, new interviews with Bruce, Baker & Clapton and others and well researched so this might turn out to be a wortwhile Hendrix film.

    SPOKANE [26 aug 2005]
    The Coliseum, Spokane 8 September 1968 tape has long circulated as a "dat clone of master" but is actually 2nd gen. I received a copy of this with a known lineage of Master > cassette > cassette > cdr (originating from the person who discovered the tape) and the quality is identical to the "dat clone". If there is a real dat clone I haven't come across it, and the name of the person who recorded the master is unknown at this time.

    FRANKFURT 1969 [6 aug 2005]
    A note on the Frankfurt 17 jan 69 tape. This has been
    circulating as a master clone, it's not. I recently got a cdr of this
    directly from the person who has the only surviving copy, and he
    explained the whole thing as follows. Part of this was already
    published in the UV diary for that date but he provided some additional

    He borrowed the master from the taper in 1969 (he assumes it was the
    master as he had to return the tape). The master was a 4-track reel,
    this was dubbed onto a 2-track reel, and then dubbed back on 1 track
    of the 4-track reel. He later transferred the reel to dat, then again
    from dat to cdr. I got a copy from him of that cdr.

    So the lineage actually is as follows:
    Master (4-track reel) > reel (2-track) > reel (one track of a 4-track
    reel) > DAT > Cdr

    The "dat clone" that has been circulating for years does seem to
    originate from this same transfer but it's not identical, at least
    not the cdr copy of it that I had. It sounds slightly different and
    runs 65+ mins, while the cdr runs for 67+ mins. Based on A/B:ing &
    the timings I suspect the dat has been pitch corrected and eq'd at
    some point, just my copy or all of them that I don't know.

    The taper apparently was an American soldier stationed in Germany so
    the master might still exist somewhere in the USA...

    REELING IN THE YEARS [30 jul 2004]
    The company that licenced the bonus tracks for the "Experience" dvd (http://www.reelinintheyears.com) has a new entry listed in their database, a 1 min 38 sec color film of Jimi performing at Woodstock.

    EPHRON SESSION [30 jul 2004]
    The date of the Mike Ephron session (which produced the "This Flyer" bootleg and the three "At His Best" -lps) at Shokan has usually been listed as Friday 19th September, very likely based on the Rolling Stone article by Sheila Weller. This doesn't however seem to match with the know facts. Here are some relevant quotes from said article:

    "With close friends of Jimi I drove up to Liberty on a quiet
    September weekend"

    "We are listening now to the tape of such a session, the previous
    night's jam: Jimi on electric guitar, avantgarde pianist Michael
    Ephron on clavichord, Juma on congas and flute."

    "It's 7 AM and he has to be at the recording studio in Manhattan at 4
    in the afternoon."

    "The talk is of the session. They'll record at a studio on West 44th
    Street, then go somewhere else to mix it"

    "The session, costing $200 an hour, was booked to begin at 4:00"

    Based on the article Sheila Weller visited Shokan during a
    September weekend, driving back to NYC the next day as Jimi had a
    studio session booked at 4:00 at the Record Plant (44th street),
    and John McDermott's book "Sessions" lists a perfect match:

    Monday, September 15, 1969
    Record Plant
    4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

    So if we trust the Rolling Stone article Sheila Weller arrived at
    Shokan on Sunday 14th, which would date the Ephron session as
    Saturday 13th September.

    RAINBOW BRIDGE DVD [1 jun 2002]
    The UK an US releases of this disc differ from each other quite a lot. Compared to the US release on Rhino Home Video (R2976656) the UK version on Eagle Vision (EREDV133) has different menus and much less scene indexing meaning that when you want to see the parts that are actually worth seeing you have to fast forward whereas on the US version every song and interview is indexed separately.

    More importantly the film is not exactly the same, footage nor quality -wise. Eagle Vision saw fit to replace the black screen during the intro talk with a Rainbow Bridge logo -still. And the worst part last, they remastered the sound & picture, as a result the audio is now even more muffled because de-noising has been applied, and the picture quality is much worse than the Rhino release due to a very bad compressing job that causes a lot of digital noise (or artifacts) during any fast moving visuals. And as the icing on the cake Eagle Vision didn't include the 3 movie trailers that are present on the Rhino disc.

    So the Rhino DVD is definately the one to get, the only thing that the Eagle Vision disc has going for it is much nicer graphics on the DVD case...the only problem is that the Rhino disc is a region 1 release.

    EXPERIENCE DVD [4 feb 2002]
    If anybody has wondered about the "Reeling in the Years" -logo on the cover of the 2001 dvd / vhs release "Experience", go here: www.reelingintheyears.com Experience Hendrix licenced the Stockholm 24 may 1967 & 9 jan 1969 tracks from SVT via the company, they also offer the 7 mar 1967 "Tienerklanken" footage. The dvd has now sold 50.000 copies in the U.S. and 100.000 worldwide, check the news item on the "Reeling..." -frontpage.

    IOW VCD [22 aug 2001]
    For some strange reason the Malaysian pirate VCD release (T-1467) of the 1990 film "Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight" is an edited version. The pre-concert interview for french radio appears without sound, only Jimi's closing comment "It wouldn't hurt me anyway" remains. They don't like the French in Malaysia??

    VOODOO CHILE SINGLE [16 jul 2001]
    The German 7" single "Voodoo Chile / Watchtower" (Polydor 2121 012) has some strange edits. "Voodoo Child (slight return)" has the intro cut out, fading in after it, and "All Along the Watchtower" has a short bit at the end repeated and fades out some seconds too soon after the repeat. There must have been a good reason for this...

    95.5 KLOS [6 jul 2001]
    A page for WBCN (at that time) DJ J.J.Jackson, MC for the Boston Garden 1968 concert.

    GOLD [7 jul 2001]
    The dutch cheapo cd "Gold" on the label "Gold" exists in two different versions. Release with serial "GOLD 022" has "Psycho" as track 13, while the release with serial "GOLD022N" replaces it with "Bleeding heart".