Studio 1967
Pictures taken at Studio 76 on the 17th of July at the first 1967 PPX session that Hendrix participated in. The band (with Jimi playing fuzz bass) recorded "I Ain't Taking Care of No Business" (aka "No Business") and three jams, later given the titles "Day Tripper / Future Trip / Flashing", "Odd Ball" and "Get That Feeling". See the 1967 studio sessions for more info.

Control room: unknown, Dick Rowe, Ed Chalpin.
Studio: Ed "Bugs" Gregory, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Knight.

Ed "Bugs" Gregory, Curtis Knight, Ray Lucas, Jimi Hendrix, "Shears"?.

Ray Lucas, Ed "Bugs" Gregory, unknown, Roselyn Morris, Jimi Hendrix, unknown.

Ray Lucas, Ed "Bugs" Gregory, Roselyn Morris, Toni Gregory, Jimi Hendrix, Curtis Knight.

Ed "Bugs" Gregory, Jimi Hendrix, "Shears"?

Control room: unknown.
Studio: Ed "Bugs" Gregory, unknown, unknown, Jimi Hendrix, Dick Rowe, Curtis Knight

Jimi Hendrix, "Shears"?, Curtis Knight.

Curtis Knight, Jimi Hendrix.